Basements aren’t considered just a “lower level” any more—they can effectively be made into an integral part of your home.

A basement can become a completely self-sufficient living space with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace and all the amenities of an entire house. OR, it can just function as your entertainment and “party zone”, or your gymnasium/exercise area, or your office space, or any and all of the above, and more!

A finished basement also adds immeasurably to the value of your home…with comparably less expense than buying a larger home or adding on a room addition.

Choosing the right company to design and build your “home within your home” is a major decision. You must feel comfortable with and confident in your contractor.

Here is a short list of questions you should use to evaluate your contractor:

  1. Is the company experienced in creating finished basements?
  2. Is the quality of the highest caliber?
  3. Is the price within market value?
  4. Will the project be completed within a reasonable amount of time and in an orderly fashion?
  5. Will the company stand behind their product?
  6. Will the company be in business ten years from now?

Basement Refacement prides itself on satisfying all of these criteria—and then some!

We can also provide a plethora of references and testimonials from satisfied customers upon request.

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